Sunday, August 3, 2008

Everlasting GPS Food

Everlasting GPS Food [Front]
Everlasting GPS Food [Back]
Back in March we started on our newest GPS Food signature item. I'd promised then, even before this blog was started, that I'd get the photos shot and posted. Between Geowoodstock VI and the podcasts, I never got the time to shoot these new sig items. Tonight we finally had the chance to tear down the recording rig and set-up for some photos (the primary goal to shoot the samples for the Cache-A-Maniacs Geocoins).

This most recent flavor were a pair of AA Low Discharge NiHMs batteries titled "Everlasting GPS Food." Most of the readers likely know of my fondness for this style battery as they come pre-charged and only lose about 10% of their charge over the course of a year (versus the 10% per week of normal NiHM batteries). Unfortunately these batteries are much more expensive than the alkalines we've used in the past, so we limited this run to about 100, and all went within the first couple weeks. The release was a success though as we're still hearing from Geocachers who had picked them up and are actually using them. One even went so far as to purchase a NiHM charger and another few packs. Alas, as much as I loved passing these out and turning folks on to these terrific new batteries, the cost is simply too prohibitive so our next batch (should we choose to do them) will once again be alkalines.

For more on our earlier GPS Food releases, see the "Our First 'GPS Food' Sig Item" post from May.

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