Friday, March 28, 2014

Looking4Cache Free & Pro version 2.0.2 for iOS

Looking4Cache Pro version 2.0.2Looking4Cache Free and Looking4Cache Pro also received an update today. The App Store many bullet points for the Pro version 2.0.2;
  • New functions:
    • Surprise: Waypoint Projection
    • Shake gesture can be deactivated (initially turned off)
  • Bug fixes:
    • GPS accuracy shown correctly (yellow/green satellite icon)
    • Searching for caches with size filter works again
    • List of local logs will be refreshed after all logs was send
    • Send more than 30 logs at one time works now
    • Shake gesture will open the correct cache if a waypoint is the target
    • Zoom by the +/- actions forces a refresh of the icons and labels
    • The coordinate field recognize western coordinates correctly
    • Some more bugs and crashes
The free version is ad-supported while the paid version supports for offline maps (and without ads) for both iPhone and iPad devices at $8.99US.

Next Cache version 2.6 for iOS

Next Cache version 2.6Next Cache received an update to version 2.6 today. The release notes show;
  • Overview-Map with all loaded caches.
  • OpenStreetMaps integration.
  • Improvement of list view for better readability. The cache name is bigger so ist should be better readable. There is a graphical display for difficulty/terrain.
  • Save Log for later, new list view of open logs.
  • New navigation concept for better overview.
  • Search-Settings for number of caches, include/exclude already found caches, search range, cache-types.
  • Many small improvements in functions and user interface.
The app is $0.99 for new users and a free upgrade for previous owners.

Geocaching Widget version 3.0 for Android

GeocachingWidgetThe latest update to Geocaching Widget received an update today. The Play Store lists several changes in version 3.0 based on the OS version:
  • Android 2.3+:
    • Fixed log in Error
  • Android 4.0.1+:
    • Complete Redesign
    • 10 Caches in the Pro Version
    • Scrollable
    • Resizable
    • Map with all Caches
    • Choose Cache-Types
Geocaching Widget is free in the Google Play Store with in-app upgrade purchases.

Monday, February 17, 2014

Next Cache version 2.2 for iOS

Next Cache version 2.4Next Cache received another update. The release notes for version 2.4 include;
  • Log Cache: you can now log your cache-found directly from the app!!
  • Your settings for the search range and the GPS Accuracy are stored now. When you close and reopen the app you will find this values as you left them.
The app is $0.99 for new users and a free upgrade for previous owners.

Monday, February 3, 2014

Looking4Cache Free & Pro version 2.0 for iOS

Looking4Cache Free and Looking4Cache Pro received a major update today. The App Store many bullet points for version 2.0;
  • New translations:
    • Spanish
    • Portuguese
  • User Interface:
    • Completely redesigned UI in a style similar to iOS 7 (but with more colors). The app will look nearly the same on all iOS versions.
    • Menu to fast access important actions (like create a log).
    • Put actions on the map with drag & drop.
    • The screen for cache lists is completely new and not nested. There is an option for refresh and rename on every list. Merge lists is possible with drag & drop.
    • "Swipe to delete" everywhere where you can delete something.
    • To select values it now uses drop down fields instead of the iOS typical wheels.
    • Real calendar to select dates.
    • New coordinate input fields.
    • Improved stripping of HTML and BBCode in the Cache descriptions.
    • Complete Cache description in one cell. New buttons for the web view and for "less/more."
    • Smilies in logs now shown as smilies.
    • Refresh now also possible with pull down (Caches, Trackables...).
    • Images will display with a activity indicator if they are not completely downloaded.
    • Icons with 'long tap' also work with "double tap."
    • Some new images and icons (like for current position and target).
  • Enhancements:
    • Load multiple lists at the same time. So it is also possible to load, search and filter your whole database.
    • Automatic map center and zoom on the way to your target.
    • Shake your device to switch between the map and the cache details (when you target a cache).
    • Full owner log types for your own caches.
    • Log draft!
    • Local logs: Send or delete all local logs or mail them as a fieldnotes.txt
    • Search caches by address.
    • New callout with informations when tapping a cache on the map.
    • Last log icons will be displayed in the cache details and in the map callout.
    • Make a visit-log for all your trackables in your inventory with one click.
    • You can reset the smily of a cache if the found log was a mistake.
    • Faster image download.
    • New welcome screen for new users to add a GC account and watch a firststeps video.
    • Displays miles instead of feet from 0.2 miles.
    • Config: You can disable image downloads when not connected over WIFI.
    • Showing degrees in the compass and bearing to target.
    • Set target from cache or waypoints easier.
    • Added mAPP as new external mapping app.
  • Vector Maps:
    • Contour lines will be drawn with 25 meter steps. You can disable them too.
    • Streetnames optimized: Right direction and with a larger font on higher zoom levels.
    • Equality: Churches of several religions got a icon.
    • Several small changes like arrows on oneway streets.
    • From now every month fresh maps!
  • Bug Fixes:
    • Refresh of Lists should now work correctly.
    • Crash on image gallery fixed.
The free version is ad-supported while the paid version supports for offline maps (and without ads) for both iPhone and iPad devices at $8.99US.

Caches version 2.4 for iOS

Caches version 2.4An update to Caches dropped in the App Store last night. This version lists:
  • Waypoints are extracted from Pocket Queries.
  • A target line between your location and the destination is displayed on the navigator map (which you can disable on Options).
  • Cache descriptions containing large image are displayed correctly.
  • And some bugs have been fixed.
The app is $3.99 in the App Store for new users and free for upgrading users.

Next Cache version 2.2 for iOS

Next Cache version 2.2Next Cache received an update to version 2.2 this morning. The release notes show;
  • New Features:
    • Display of cache-listing and hint (only works for Members or Pocket-Query)
    • Display of found caches, nickname and membership-status
    • Display of found-status of a cache
  • Bug Fixes:
    • Fixed crashes of mapview when leaving the view
    • Fixed memory-leak caused by mapview
The app is $0.99 for new users and a free upgrade for previous owners.