Saturday, May 3, 2008

Our Recording Rig

My Side of the Rig

We've been asked many times to post some photos of the recording rig we use to produce our shows (Cache-A-Maniacs, Cachers of the Round Table, and the Geocaching Podcast). I took a couple hours this afternoon before we started the final prep for CRT010 to snap these images and do a little write-up for each. I recommend clicking on each of the images to follow the link to Flickr as I have notes on the images there to help you see what each bit is and what it does.

The Onyx 1640
The Rack
The rig is set-up and torn-down as needed in the dining room of our small apartment. Some components are left off if we don't need them, but this is the complete rig for doing a live show. In this case we're set-up for three POTS lines and a connection through VoIP for tonight's live Cachers of the Round Table show. For that show we'll be connecting to the TalkShoe service through Gizmo Project (VoIP), but the phone lines are set-up for back-up should we have problems with the VoIP connection, or if we need to get a guest or two on the phone manually. This is the first CRT show to be produced this way and takes more gear than any other podcast we've done.

I sit here though and control the entire game (XpunkX handles the TalkShoe end though) from this one location. Eventually I'd love to get a better facility than our dining room where we could leave everything set-up and position it better where I wouldn't have to bend over, but for now it works pretty well. Till then I'll dream of a nice sound studio with pretty desks, nice lighting, with sound dampening on each wall and on the ceiling.

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