Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Our First "GPS Food" Sig Item

This spring Firefly03 and I did our third version of the "GPS Food" signature item (and I PROMISE that I will get some photos and post them, eventually). This year's iteration was created and released for the CITO season and with Earth Day in mind. The Everlasting GPS Food was only done in a single version of the wrapper, but housed a pair of Kodak's low-discharge NiMH rechargeable batteries. But that was the third version. The first was the "Geocacher's GPS Food," "Geocacher's Alkaline AA Batteries," and "GPS Power." They were created and released for the 2005 MiGO Fall Fun Day, our very first event. We had prepped about 200 of these as I recall, but the entire box was picked clean long before the game began. Its getting pretty costly (especially using the rechargeables), but I'd love to continue this series.

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