Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Looking4Cache Free & Pro version 1.3.1 for iOS

Looking4Cache version 1.3.1 for iOSVersion 1.3.1 of Looking4Cache Free and Looking4Cache Pro dropped from the iOS App Store this afternoon. The App Store notes three changes in this version;
  • New vector maps renderer: The new option can render map tiles from the offline vector maps and cache them in a local database. This is more fluid then the live render option.
  • Also done some UI changes as preparation for iOS7 compatibility and removing the current known bugs in combination with the new version.
  • The automatic log function for trackables now takes care of the log type of the cache. It logs the trackables by 'Found' and 'Visited'. No automatic log will be created by other log types like 'Not found'.
The free version is ad-supported while the paid version supports for offline maps (and without ads) for both iPhone and iPad devices at $8.99US.

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