Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Fourteenth Caching Day of August

August Fourteenth SouvenirI had two Geocaching tasks on today's agenda but only one qualified for "Groundspeak's 31 Days of Geocaching." I needed to check on our "Michigan's DeLORME Challenge" (GC1EBKT) after a report from some cachers they weren't able to find it. That's one of those caches which is rarely found and rarely needs maintenance. It's also a pain since the GPSRs never agree where they are near the cache so it takes a bunch of poking around to find it. I spent more than thirty minutes but did find it, safe and well hidden. Then I had to clean up all the spiderwebs I'd collected and make my way over to the "August Monthly S.E. MiGO Meet & Eat" (GC4F0AF). I'm updating this blog from that event to make sure it gets out before tonight's "Geocaching Podcast," which also means I need to leave the event early. I guess I'd better wrap up the post and get to the event!

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