Thursday, August 15, 2013

Fifteenth Caching Day of August

August Fifteenth SouvenirToday I had two caching items on my agenda. The first was to do maintenance on one of my caches which a Finder had logged that the logbook was wet. When I got to "Boulan Park Cache III" (GC4BEZ8) I found that the logbook was just part of the problem. It seems that someone likely hadn't locked the container and the entire interior was soaked, and all I brought was a replacement logbook and a couple new desiccant packs. From there I hit my cache for "Groundspeak's 31 Days of Geocaching." Today's find was my first find in a new series and many of them were within a close distance. It took some restraint to find just "Phunny Phobias - CACOPHOBIA" (GC4FV75) rather than continue, but I did. There's only six I need to find in the series before I can grab the final – "What are you Afraid of? - PUZZLEPHOBIA FINAL" (GC4FVMM) so I'm thinking that I might make that my mission for the next five (well six for the final) days.

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