Thursday, July 8, 2010

Lost & Found Challenge Caches

Groundspeak's "Lost & Found Celebration" was a huge event with a street fair feel, but there was one activity that took most of our time. We (TeamLegend4, Drie, and I) spent most of the event hunting the challenge caches placed by Geoteaming just for the event. Each of the cache was themed as a year in Geocaching (2000-2009/10) using a notable event in Geocaching from that year. Each cache contained some props and a QR code for smartphone users to pull up information about the theme of that cache. It was all very well assembled, but really the creativity of the caches are what impressed me the most. Granted some of thes containers wouldn't stand up well for very long, but they don't need to for an event like this (some of the favorites are included here). The hunt took us around the area, mostly on foot, for an exhaustive and time consuming tour. When we returned to the Geoteaming tent about 15 minutes prior to the end of the Celebration we were told there had been only about eight teams to finish all ten. I'm not at all surprised with the distances between hides. Too bad we didn't get a smiley for each one, but what a great time we had and it brought back memories from the five short years I've been caching with reminders of how much has changed. My thanks to the Geoteaming and Groundspeak crews for a job well done. Perhaps there are some ideas for other cachers in their future events?

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