Thursday, July 8, 2010

Cache-A-Maniacs at the Original Stash Plaque

The last of the Geocaching Traid we needed to complete in the Pacific Northwest was the Original Stash Plaque. This was the longest drive of the three since it's outside Portland Oregon rather than in the Seattle Washington area, but it was still less than an eight hour drive from our hotel on the opposite side of Seattle. This destination is actually a combination of a plaque at the location where Dave Ulmer hid the first geocache on May 3, 2000, and two traditional caches -- "Un-Original Stash" and "ORIGINAL STASH TRIBUTE PLAQUE ©" -- less than a hundred feet from the plaque. The location isn't much more than a roadside pull-off on an Oregon hill, but we had expected a line of cachers. We had two honk and wave as we were there, and one pulled out as we were pulling in, but that was about it. The caches were average caches and the plaque an interesting location to drop a traveler or GPS for a quick photo. Of course we had to drop a Cache-A-Maniacs coin on the side for a couple photos. I'm happy to have been there and found the plaque, but I was anxious to get on to find some more caches. What's next?

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team spongebob said...

great job! i hope someday we can get out there and find this too!