Wednesday, July 7, 2010

A Milestone at Geowoodstock VIII

This was our second Geowoodstock and Drie had joked we should try to make it a milestone, number 3,600 even if we couldn't make it to 4,000 in time. Of course I wasn't too keen to curb our caching to make it a milestone, nor do I think too much of the 100s any more. So we went about our life and caching as usual but by a happy coincidence we ended up at 3,599 when we turned in for the day on July second. All we'd have to do is not go caching before Geowoodstock VIII and we'd make that our 3,600th find. So with great pains we passed several caches along the way (I kept the caches hidden for my protection). I'm not sure it was worth missing those few caches, but Geowoodstock was well worth the milestone.

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