Friday, July 9, 2010

WiFi in the Air

One of the things that saved me during this trip was the WiFi aboard our flights to and from Seattle. I spent most of the time each way doing the basic editing of the recorded interviews and I stayed online as long as they'd allow. Sadly that meant doing some work for the office from the air, but mostly it was just keeping up on e-mails and checking-in with some of the people we needed to meet in Seattle. On the way home I used it to prep some of these blog posts. Most important though, I was able to send back the completed zip files of the interviews and store all that vital information in the cloud. Should something have happened to my little 13" travel laptop it meant I'd still have the roughly fourteen hours of work. Now if the airlines could only do something (like United has with their economy plus seating) to allow us to actually use a 13" laptop in flight we'd be all set!

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