Saturday, October 3, 2009

It's a Little About the Numbers

...However, over the past few months, your find rate has actually been 2.16 finds per day. Based on that, you'll find number 2900 around 11/09/09 and your 3000th around 12/25/09.

August 12 of 12: 9:53AM and Pushing PapersLet's face it, not all people play the game for the same reasons or the same way. Myself, I find that it changes from time-to-time based on my moods. Those moods are frequently dictated by the findings in my INATN stats. Most recently I discovered that for the first time we might break one thousand finds in a calendar year, and possibly break three thousand total finds by the end of 2009. INATN seems to think that we're likely to get number three thousand on Christmas Day (sounds like a good gift to ourselves), but if wait till then we'd have to get twenty more finds by New Year's Day to make our thousand finds in a year. As of this evening we need 178 more finds to reach that goal. It's 12 weeks to end of the year, meaning we only need to average fifteen caches a week. No problem if we didn't have much happening on the weekends. Of course the end of the year always gets more hectic and it means we're not going to be making any of those virtual cache runs we've been enjoying this summer. That's fine though as we've cleared out most of the Michigan virtuals within our day drive range. All we need is a few really good numbers weekends and we'll be all set. These goals are in the "it would be nice" category though and we're being realistic in our hope. If we can make it happen without inflicting too much craziness we'll make it happen. Wish us luck!

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