Sunday, October 4, 2009

"Midwest Meetup" Event October 24th

We hope to see many of our Listeners, Readers, and Tweeps at the "Midwest Meetup" Event (GC1YRRG) in South Bend, Indiana on Saturday, October 24th. Together with Geocaching Podcast host XpunkX and his wife Julez we're hosting this informal event from 3:00 to 5:00PM at the The South Bend Chocolate Company Café. This is a home game weekend though and we were unable to find lodging available (or affordable) in the area, so be warned that this is likely a day trip. July 11th Caching CrewDuring the event we plan to record an episode of the Geocaching Podcast, and technology permitting we hope to even open that up to the TalkShoe guests. We'll have more information as the date approaches (I need a piece of hardware which hasn't arrived if we are to do TalkShoe connection), but even if you can't join in person you might be able to join us through TalkShoe. You might not be able to log the event, but at least you can participate. Following the event we're hoping to get a chance to find some local caches including a webcam cache. If you join us in person for the event you might be able to go caching with us and add one of those rare finds to your profile. Who knows though -- you might even get a coin from Firefly!

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