Tuesday, February 10, 2009


This past Saturday we took a little photo trip down to a little town in Ohio, big for railfans, called "Fostoria." It's a little further from the major freeways than many small towns we've visited, and as such there was no AT&T (or T-Mobile, and SprintPCS was poor while there as well) wireless voice or data service. Being that we were going for a photo expedition I didn't really plan on caching, but wanted to see if we couldn't grab a cache or two. I ran a couple PQs and loaded up the Oregon so I could watch for caches as I drove. Then my back-up was the iPhone with the Geocaching App, but for safe measure I also loaded up iGeocacher with the GPX files I used for the Oregon. Well the Oregon ignored the files for the Fostoria trip and the iPhone didn't have a data connection to be able to contact Groundspeak for the info on those caches. All I had working was iGeocacher. Unfortunately there were no caches around there to find anyhow, but it's another situation where having the back-up unit really helped.

BTW -- we did find a few caches using the iPhone as we got closer to the freeways.

If you'd like to see the photos from that trip, I have posted them to my Flickr Stream.

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P.J. said...

I have not done a photo outing in a long time. Hoping the weather takes a good turn here and that I can convince a person or two to take a true photo trip up here somewhere. I need to get rolling with the camera again! :)