Saturday, November 15, 2008

Getting Better

Well both Firefly03 and I came down with colds. This was a particularly nasty round which had us out of commission for more than a week. Unfortunately this interfered not only with work, but the production of Cache-A-Maniacs Episode 100, and the WWFM IV fell right in the middle of our cold spell. The good news is that I'm back at work now and the head is clearing, the brain unfogging, almost a week after the events. I'm back at the keyboard writing up the script for CAM100 and prepping to record tomorrow. With any luck I'll still have the show up for this weekend, but it doesn't seem likely (if nothing else, I have at least four hours of paperwork to wrap up before going into the office on Monday). At least we were both feeling well enough to make the WWFM IV - East Side Michigan (GC1GPXX) hosted by our caching friends Celtic Cache Trio. Even if it might have made the cold worse (which is very possible since I ended up going through three or four different colds over the seven calendar days I was in bed sleeping an average of some twenty hours daily) it was worth it to meet with many of our caching friends and grab photos of another one of these fun events (especially since I had committed to being the official Photographer for the group photo). I'm looking forward to being able to get out shooting and caching, but now and for the near future I need to focus on getting caught-up on the podcasts. In the meantime I'll be daydreaming of the friends, scenery, and enjoyment Geocaching provides.

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