Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Caching While Shooting

My buddy and I went out on a little shooting expedition Sunday. Not the kind with firearms, but rather Nikons with professional lenses. I had a new zoom lens to try (24-70 f/2.8) and he with his newly acquired (but previously owned) D700 body. While standing on the platform of the Lapeer Depot, I had the urge to pop open CacheBuddy on the iPhone and see if there were caches nearby. Sure enough there were, and I had parked about 50 feet from one. So before I even pulled out the camera I pulled out the cache bag. Just through CacheBuddy and Google Maps on the phone, I'd casually found one and went about my shooting.

We made a quick stop at the local fast food joint for some hot beverages (it was just colder in Lapeer than we expected) and headed out for a Virtual Cache I'd spotted downtown, this time using a combination of the Geocaching app, Google Maps, and CacheBuddy. I found that I preferred looking for the caches in the area through Geocaching app (it had the distance in the list), but then switched CacheBuddy to look-up the cache descriptions. We successfully found that virtual, I sent the owner the required information through the Geocaching.com e-mail form, then logged the cache right from the phone. In all it was much too difficult, but very handy considering that I skipped the GPS completely that day and ran only off the iPhone.

We ended up providing much amusement for the locals at that virtual cache though. The photo above was taken with the vendors and patrons of the farmers market looking on and giggling. So Photographers are more amusing than Geocachers. That's probably the reason that we use the photography as a cover so often!

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artemis256@hotmail.com said...

I really enjoy your geocoins! I once came across your Pepper memorial geocoin and I was wondering if you could tell me where you had this terrific coin made? Keep up the awesome blog and caching!