Friday, July 18, 2008

A Return Trip

Great Egret in Flight
Testing the 70-200VR
Despite having found the caches in the small park, a buddy of mine and I took a trip back to the American Commerce Centre Nature Preserve (see the Urban Wetlands post from May 13th for our last caching trip to this location) last Saturday evening for a short photo expedition with no caching. Our quick afternoon outing did provide a few good photos (available on Flickr), but more than that the chance to get out and shoot this great location just for fun. We messed with the newly converted IR camera (nothing terribly interesting to shoot in IR though), his new-used 300mm f/2.8 lens, and my venerable 70-200VR f/2.8. Aside from the numerous ducks and geese, we followed a Great Egret (left) and a different large black bird we hadn't seen before (we brought the photos back for Drie to ID for us). However if it weren't for the few caches we've found in this park during our nearly three years of Geocaching, we'd not have know of this park, nor would we have stopped by to see our first Double-crested Cormorant. How many games can claim that?

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