Monday, July 21, 2008

My Oregon First Look on Podcacher Show 175.0

PodCacherMan by Sonny of Podcacher
Saturday night, after recording Cachers of the Round Table episode 13 (look for that show to be released on Thursday, August 7, 2008), I recorded my first impressions of the Garmin Oregon 400T for Podcacher. That audio is at the tail end of show 175.0. Its a very quick, three minute look at the Oregon with a little more time to sink-in from that first look I wrote about last Friday.

After hunting some more FTFs on Sunday with both the Colorado and the 60CSx though, I'm thinking that we might soon replace the Garmin Colorado 400T we currently own with an Oregon 300. I'm quickly warming to the Field Notes functionality now that it supports the comments and the Colorado's rotary entry system just simply doesn't cut it. Add in the rarity in which our Colorado returns a position within fifty feet of the 60CSx, we're getting pretty tired of that unit.

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