Sunday, August 4, 2013

Fourth Caching Day of August

Transformers 4 in Detroit
Today was supposed to have been a find or two in Downtown Detroit along the Riverwalk. The plan had been to walk the Riverwalk then head down to the Transformers 4 Hong Kong set. Instead we headed straight for the set (around which there were no caches) and the kids were ready for lunch and heading home after that. While I did enjoy seeing the sets up around Downtown, it meant we canceled the Riverwalk and with it lost the option for a cache down there. (If you'd like to see more iPhone 5 photos from that walk around the set check the firstsecond, and third posts to Google+.)

Transformers 4 Crushed Cab

August Fourth SouvenirSince I was out of the family trip and home earlier than I'd expected a trip to a local cache was in order. I already found most of the caches near there it was a few miles away, but still within a long walk. So I targeted "HNY-13 Dog walker" (GC436GD) as the primary target with a couple of previous DNFs as backups. It took far more time than it should have but I found the cache, fought the earwigs for it, and signed the wet log. Not the best find (especially after that long eight mile walk) but the streak is alive!

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