Monday, December 3, 2012

c:geo opensource version 2012.12.03 for Android

c:geo version 20121203c:geo received an update today with the version number of 2012.12.03. According to the web site, this version adds:
  • If static maps are enabled, batch update of caches will now update caches without static maps first
  • If a cache has a chirp attribute the navigation menu supports starting the Cache Beacon app
  • Search bar on main screen now allows searching OC geocodes
  • Removed Go4Cache support as this third party service is no longer available
  • Selectable GPX import directory
  • New log template for inserting owner name
  • New option to remove colors from log entries
  • Ability to delete GPX files after import
  • Quick signature insertion
  • Template for inserting smilies when logging a cache
  • Option to identify as android browser. Might help in case of login problems on mobile networks
  • Create and edit a personal note for each cache (not yet synchronized to
  • Quick change between different offline maps within live map
  • Support of custom themes for offline maps (e.g. nightview)
  • Sygic navigation support
  • Filter for non premium member caches
  • New image tab in cache details
and bug fixes:
  • Crash when modifying lists fixed
  • Improvement for cache description translation
  • Avoid crash when searching for an unactivated TB
  • Improvement for enabling live mode on map
  • Improvement for GPX export operations
  • Readability improvement for cache description with dark text when using black theme
  • Store for offline on live map now always available for basic members
  • Live map now stays live after display rotation
  • Open in browser improved to allow setting a default browser without losing the option to open URLs with c:geo
  • Improve offline stability
  • Static map download improvements
  • Failure when importing previously exported GPX file fixed
  • Opening a link from a TB description improved
  • Last activity time on TB page corrected
  • 4-digit favorite points shown correctly in lists
  • File scan for offline maps improved
  • Allow HTML in trackable description
  • Live map filter now also working for basic members
  • Improved stability for large GPX file import
c:geo - opensource is free in the Google Play Store.

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