Tuesday, December 11, 2012

CacheSense version 2.9 for Android

An update to CacheSense version 2.9CacheSense for Android is availble this morning through the Google Play Store. Version 2.9 has a detailed list of changes according to the release notes:
  • Maps
    1. Fixed munzee clustering on Mapsforge maps.
    2. Added "Map Source" menu to layer menu for Mapsforge maps, allows you to instantly switch between map servers.
    3. Added support for Bing maps, map sources can be downloaded from
      http://www.cachesense.com/download/maps/bing.zip or full list at
      To use, unzip and copy the .maps files to a folder on your SD card (eg. /cachesense/maps), open CacheSense Map Settings and tap the edit button for “Map Sources”, on the Map Sources screen tap the import icon.
      Remember, these map sources are supplied for informational purposes only, it is your responsibility to comply with the terms of use for any given map server.
    4. Fixed Mapsforge tile loading bug on Android 4.2
    5. Map functions Tag Visible, Export Caches, Copy to Database and Save as Database now include caches in clusters.
    6. Tap on HUD to open compass now implemented on Mapsforge maps.
    7. Captured mystery munzees now show captured icon.
  • Field Notes
    1. Added new tokens for templates, snippets and signatures.
      The [FINDCOUNT] token takes the find count value from the current profile data then adds any “Found It” or “Attended” field notes that haven’t been published yet (including the current field note), the profile data is updated every time you publish a found/attended log or every 24 hours, if you want to be certain you have the latest find count you should open the “Profile” screen and tap refresh before you go caching.
      The tokens ending in “TH” have the suffix “st”,”nd”,”rd” or “th” (te/ter in German).
      Found it on [DAYLONG] the [DAYTH] of [MONTHLONG] at [TIME]. Thanks [PLACEDBY], for placing the [FINDCOUNTTH] cache I’ve found so far!
      expands to:
      Found it on Monday the 3rd of December at 3:15pm. Thanks CacheNut99, for placing the 254th cache I’ve found so far!
    2. When editing a field note the cursor is now positioned at the end of any existing text.
  • Miscellaneous
    1. Fixed issue where it was not possible to open cache details from the Nearest Cache List in some circumstances.
    2. Now warns when attempting to open an unsupported “guid=” URL (these are the URLs used on the geocaching.com website, they will be supported in the next API version).
    3. Removed challenge stats from Profile screen.
    4. CacheSense now allows mixed-case database names.
    5. Improved handling of external files and links (and fixed bugs). If you choose to open a GPX file or geocache link with CacheSense it now prompts for the database to save to and when importing GPX files you can now send it to the background.
    6. "Found Pending" icon overlay (unpublished field note) now shown correctly on geocache list.
    7. Found pending status now removed when cache is flagged as found via the Live API or a GPX import.
    8. Latest German translations.
A free 30-day Trial version is also available.

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