Friday, November 16, 2012

Looking4Cache Pro version 1.2.0 for iOS

Looking4Cache120Also receiving it's update this morning was the Looking4Cache Pro universal app. The release notes for version 1.2 indicates several enhancements:
  • Links: You can define bookmarks in the configuration. This bookmarks you can open from cache listings, waypoints, navigation and one from the map. For example it is possible to add a link to Google Maps in a browser with a marker to the cache or connect other navigation apps.
  • Map: Faster scrolling and zoom for OSM based maps.
  • Map: The map can rotate to heading now (long press on compass icon).
  • Map: Added Bing map source.
  • Map: Support of .mbtiles offline map format.
  • Compas: Now in HD, smooth and with the target distance.
  • Import gpx files: Support of iOS 'open in' function. So you can import gpx files from your mail, form Safari or other apps like Dropbox.
  • Import gpx files: Much faster than in version 1.1 when you have already loaded a mass of caches before. Imports now also Travelbugs (TBCode and Name) and the Cache Attributes. Option to import only basic cache data.
  • Import gpx files: Support for more gpx files not created by Groundspeak. Support GC Tour (without logs) and Munzee by and
  • Categories: You can select the categories of a single cache now.
  • Search: You can search for a Text in the current loaded cache list.
  • Info-Messages: GCVote messages will be displayed smaller. The remaining image download will be shown on the same way. I removed the existing messages directly on the map.
  • Config: Database Maintenance added.
and some bug fixes:
  • Fixed rotation bug on iPad with iOS6.
  • Cache List: Alphabetic sort is now case insensitve.
  • User Log Update: Swapped the fields 'from' and 'until'.
The paid version with support for offline maps (and without ads) for both iPhone and iPad devices is $8.99US.

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