Sunday, September 23, 2012

Looking4Cache Pro version 1.1.0 for iOS

Looking4Cache Pro version 1.1.0Also receiving it's update yesterday was the Looking4Cache Pro universal app. The release notes for version 1.1.0 indicates several enhancements:
  • Trackables: Caches with trackables marked with a symbol in the cache list.
  • Trackables: Trackable details for trackables of a cache in the cache details.
  • Trackables: Log Trackables while logging a cache (with retrieve and drop).
  • Trackables: Log Trackables directly (without cache) with every action (like 'Move to collection').
  • Trackables: Automatically log your own trackables traveling with you.
  • Local Logs: Save your logs local to edit and send them later.
  • Create Logs: Upload a image with your log.
  • Create Logs: You can specify also the log time now.
  • User Profiles: New Screens to view profiles of your user(s). Including Trackables in Inventory, Collection and own TB.
  • Manage Cache Lists: New Screen to manage the cache lists. Loading and managing them from the same menu.
  • Manage Cache Lists: Newest search results appears on top.
  • Manage Cache Lists: Refresh a whole category from the Live API.
  • Import PQ: Create and select a category directly before import. Option to clear the category before import and delete the file after. GPX can be import direct without packing in a zip.
  • Logs: In the log list the count of the players founds will be displayed.
  • Navigation:Added Navi 2+ (Skobbler), Waze and Sygic.
  • Archived caches have a new symbol.
  • Corrected coordinates: Map annotations (big size) now with a different icon.
  • Corrected coordinates: Shown now directly under the listing coordinates.
  • Corrected coordinates: Map will be refreshed automatically if corrected coordinates changed.
  • Premium only caches get a symbol in the cache lists.
and three bug fixes:
  • Log caches: Removed possible duplication on log entries on poor internet connection.
  • Log caches: Log for more then 5 users at the same time without displaying errors.
  • Deactivated caches displayed correctly.
The paid version with support for offline maps (and without ads) for both iPhone and iPad devices is $8.99US.

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