Sunday, September 23, 2012

Looking4Cache Free version 1.1.0 for iOS

Looking4Cache Free version 1.1.0In the flurry of iOS 6 updates was one for the Looking4Cache Free app. The release notes for version 1.1.0 indicates several enhancements:
  • Trackables: Caches with trackables marked with a symbol in the cache list.
  • Trackables: Trackable details for trackables of a cache in the cache details.
  • Trackables: Log Trackables while logging a cache (with retrieve and drop).
  • Trackables: Log Trackables directly (without cache) with every action (like 'Move to collection').
  • Trackables: Automatically log your own trackables traveling with you.
  • Local Logs: Save your logs local to edit and send them later.
  • Create Logs: Upload a image with your log.
  • Create Logs: You can specify also the log time now.
  • User Profiles: New Screens to view profiles of your user(s). Including Trackables in Inventory, Collection and own TB.
  • Manage Cache Lists: New Screen to manage the cache lists. Loading and managing them from the same menu.
  • Manage Cache Lists: Newest search results appears on top.
  • Manage Cache Lists: Refresh a whole category from the Live API.
  • Import PQ: Create and select a category directly before import. Option to clear the category before import and delete the file after. GPX can be import direct without packing in a zip.
  • Logs: In the log list the count of the players founds will be displayed.
  • Navigation:Added Navi 2+ (Skobbler), Waze and Sygic.
  • Archived caches have a new symbol.
  • Corrected coordinates: Map annotations (big size) now with a different icon.
  • Corrected coordinates: Shown now directly under the listing coordinates.
  • Corrected coordinates: Map will be refreshed automatically if corrected coordinates changed.
  • Premium only caches get a symbol in the cache lists.
and three bug fixes:
  • Log caches: Removed possible duplication on log entries on poor internet connection.
  • Log caches: Log for more then 5 users at the same time without displaying errors.
  • Deactivated caches displayed correctly.
The free version is ad supported (and doesn't support offline maps) for both iPhone and iPad devices.

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