Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Geocaching 12 of 12 on Geocraze

12of12at12mm: Photo 10Tonight at 7:30PM Eastern (12:30AM March 9th GMT), I'll be on Geocraze discussing the Geocaching 12 of 12. The Geocaching 12 of 12 is only scheduled twice each year to give Geocachers to chance to share their Geocaching day with the rest of the world through a dozen images. The first for 2011 hits just four days from now -- Saturday, March 12th. Join us live tonight on TalkShoe or download the episode later for more on the fun merging between geocaching and photography. (I'd prefer you join us live.) But don't forget to pull out your camera on Saturday for the first Geocaching 12 of 12 this year!

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