Friday, February 4, 2011

Unboxing a Guest Coin?

A recent guest on our Cache-A-Maniacs show did something a little unexpected. If you haven't heard of an unboxing video this might seem a little strange, but they are common among the tech set. The point is to basically share the excitement of opening a present, but typically a new piece of hardware. Gianster98 was the guest for episode 208 of the Cache-A-Maniacs and hosts his own podcast on TalkShoe titled "Geocraze." He sat down in front of the camera and did a short unboxing video of the Cache-A-Maniacs Guest and Discovery geocoins we sent.

Cachers interviewed on a Cache-A-Maniac show receive a package like this one. They get the Cache-A-Maniacs Guest coin to keep for themselves and a Cache-A-Maniacs Discovery Coin with information about their appearance to release in their area (you can see Gianster98's coin here). Unfortunately he got the coins a little mixed up in his video, but it was cool to see a guest receive and open his coins. Thanks Gianster98!

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