Saturday, February 12, 2011

Team Ducky's Cache-A-Maniacs Guest Ducky

DuckCache-A-Maniacs guests Team-Ducky made and released one of their signature ducks marking their appearance on episode 202. Each of their ducks are decorated, photographed, and recorded before release on their blog. This one features the Cache-A-Maniacs logo, a camera, and a firefly. The "Cache-A-Maniacs Guest Ducky" (TB23G6C) uses their Guest Coin's tracking number to log and track on It's mission is actually three fold;
  1. to meet geocachers who have been been guests on the Cache-A-Maniacs
  2. to have listeners answer their favorite Rapid Response Question,
  3. and to us at a Mega-Event or mby getting to our Boulan Park Cache II (GC1472M) cache.
Another creative idea from a Cache-A-Maniacs guest. Thanks Team-Ducky -- we look forward to running into Cache-A-Maniacs Guest Ducky soon (but hopefully not too soon and after many encounters with Cache-A-Maniacs fans and guests)!

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