Monday, May 17, 2010

Time to Move On

I was reminded this weekend that there are sometimes good reasons to call off the hunt for a cache early. The first reason was for these very cute baby birds we spotted about 15 feet from ground zero, so we steered clear of them (aside from taking their picture of course). It's not worth risking harm to the natives (aside from ticks and mosquitoes perhaps -- I really dislike them) if we can avoid it. In this cause the cache was just the other side of ground zero and we found it with much more searching. The other reason we were remixes ofthis weekend was for personal safety. With rain all week, but of the grass was holding water on Saturday, but the mud was pretty terrible. Naturally we went through the mud for a few finds, but the near the end we had a reminded of why we need to pay attention. Drie slid but didn't fall down a hill using the mud as the lubricant under her feet. We found the cache and despite some more stumbles among the group, all made it back in good condition. It certainly wasn't worth the risk of someone really hurting themselves to have one more smiley, and a micro in the woods at that. Both served as reminders that sometimes it's just best to move on to the next find.

There are of course many more reasons, many I haven't experiences in my limiting caching. Please post some of those here so we have more suggestions for what to watch out for beyond these two.

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