Sunday, April 4, 2010

What We'll Do For a Smiley

Sometimes the amount of effort we'll go through just to claim a find astounds me. What's best are the smiling faces surrounding those finds. We had the chance do caching with Drie's family (her parents, brother, sister-in-law, and their two children) which has become the default activity when we visit these non-cachers. We hit the trail in a local state park to find a couple caches with the kids and they couldn't get enough. We spilled out to a couple of micros on the way back and they really enjoyed the hunt for those as well. They especially enjoyed hunting for the last one which was more difficult than we expected and nearly gave up on the hunt (but arent those some of the most rewarding finds for any of us?). Sadly they weren't with us for what was the most challenging terrain of the weekend, a cache at the river down about a 12 foot incline. With little room for more than one person I slipped (literally) my way down to the rock outcropping and collected the cache. The tough part was getting myself back up. I'd passed Drie the iPhone, PN-40, and sunglasses before I slid down and she uses my iPhone to get video as I scrabbled out. All that for a terrain 4 cache, and I would say it was worth the effort. The only harm was a little mud on my jeans and hands. For that I get a smiley at, some silly iPhone video, the photo above, and the memory of a simple but very challenging find. This is why we cache.

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Update: Here's a link to a clip from that video.

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