Thursday, April 29, 2010

Happy 10th Anniversary!

Has it really been ten years already since Selective Availability was disabled? Saturday marks that anniversary which allowed Dave Ulmer to place that first geocache on May 3, 2000. So I guess it really has been 10 years now. The Geocaching community will be celebrating the birth of their activity this weekend with events Friday through Monday. We're planning to hit at least one of the 10 Years! each day (and 2 or 3 each day this weekend). There are a few items to keep in mind to get the special event icon which will only be available this weekend. 10 Years! Events must have at least 10 attendees in the group photo (or video), and you must be able to read a sign in that group photo with the coordinates and location's name. Without that your event won't qualify for the special 10 Years! event icon. The celebration won't end there, but this is the only weekend to get the 10 Years! icon. There are several events coming with a Groundspeak Lackey attending, and those too receive a special designation. The culmination will be the "Lost & Found Celebration" (GC24GYW) on July 4, 2010 at Groundspeak's Seattle-area headquarters only one day after Geowoodstock VIII (GC1QM7K) (we're looking forward to attending that one as well). More information about the 10 Years! events and the July 4th blow-out is available on the Lost & Found page. Hopefully all Geocachers will have the chance to get to at least one of these events, but does anyone else have any crazy ideas for hitting a bunch of these 10 Years! events?
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