Sunday, April 25, 2010

An Encounter With Pill Bottles in Their Natural Environment

Sadly I had another encounter with Bronchitis thanks to a new flu strain which knocked out my voice Tuesday. This time it kept me from joining the crew on the Geocaching Podcast that evening. It also prevented me from recording wrappers and two interviews for Cache-A-Maniacs postponing release of this week's show and leaving us without an interview recorded for the following week. A visit to the doctor on Thursday supplied me with a larger selection of prescriptions than usual. They did seem to have the typical affect of draining any energy I had and making the symptoms worse for a couple days. At least during the downtime I was able to get moved into my new laptop (a 15" i7 MacBook Pro) which I'd expected to cause some problems and delays anyhow. Today I am on the mend and feeling much better. Expect my return to the Geocaching Podcast this Tuesday at 9:30PM EDT and that next Cache-A-Maniacs show for this coming Saturday. The next Photography4Cachers article and segment will be postponed at least a week. I'm looking forward to hitting a few of the 10 Years! events this weekend too, so I'm looking for a good report from my follow-up appointment this week. Look for more on that and podcast status updates later this week.

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