Tuesday, March 2, 2010

P4C: Photography4Cachers Series

With this post I'm kicking off the "Photography4Cachers" series on this blog and the Geocaching Podcast. The concept came from several requests that I host a session at "Cachercon 2010" on photo tips, tricks, and some basic skills for Geocachers. I prepared that talk as a back-up session which wasn't used (fortunately all the scheduled hosts were able to give their talks). Even before the conference I worked with Xpunkx of the Geocaching Podcast on planning out a series of short packages for that show, tied to a series of blog posts on our "DarrylW4 & Firefly03" blog, reposting to the Geocaching Podcast's blog. In many cases I'll have a single topic spread over several articles to allow individual concepts time to be practiced and quickly digested. These articles will drop each Tuesday morning, then the recorded audio segments will be played on that evening's recording of the Geocaching Podcast. You'll be able to hear me talking about the topic, then browse over here for any supporting images or a full refresher. The articles will be short and aim to be easy to digest covering information Geocachers will want for taking and posting photos. The first several have been written up and prepped for release and many more are planned. Please drop me an e-mail if you have questions on any of these topics though and I'll work on answering those either directly or through an answers article later in the series. We have yet to determine how long or how much to cover in this series and your input will help shape the future of "Photography4Cachers." Make sure to get your camera ready and join us next week as we kick off the first of the articles.
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Sulae said...

Love photography. Love getting out and seeing the big wide world too. When I am stumped for subject material, I go caching and usually find myself in an area I never knew existed before. New cache and new scenery. What could be better?

If anyone wants any pointers for great Roadside Photos (what I call the photographs we "regular" people have an opportunity to take), I'd love to offer. Even have a book on the subject.

It's almost like we (after we purchase the equipment (Camera and a GPS)) have an endless supply of low-cost entertainment that gets us off the sofa and out of the house. Free finds and free scenery.

My website is http://www.sulaearts.com. Enjoy. Kevin.