Sunday, November 22, 2009

Just Another Milestone

MCCM-10Darrlyw4-2Well we hadn't intended to hit another milestone yesterday. We just were out caching with Reefrider52 and TeamLegend4 of the Motor City Cache Machine. Alas we did break 3,100 without really noticing during the 62 find day -- this only thirteen days after breaking the 3,000 point. We were out for mostly puzzles and multi-caches, but did end up with an earthcache and a few traditionals. We enjoyed the day, despite the short daylight hours and being very silly at times (which face it makes the day better), and wrapped up with dinner with a couple more caching friends (Nurse Nanna and South Lyon Trekkers) at a local diner. Firefly-2-2Certainly worth blowing off a little work and getting out to decompress though. Today though we're back to work on other projects, and hopefully a little photography shall be on my docket.
Photos by Reefrider52

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P.J. said...

Always nice to grab a milestone without realizing it! Congrats!