Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Another 12 of 12 Approaching Fast!

GearsStart thinking about what you'd like to do for your August 12 of 12 because it's approaching quickly!

After a failed attempt at a day of Geocaching for last month's 12 of 12, I'll be returning tomorrow to another work day 12 of 12 set, but with a Geocaching event tossed in. I'm fighting the need to bring the big camera (my Nikon D700 which I love to shoot) and do a set entirely from the iPhone 3GS. I'm thinking that it will be a set with no particular theme, just the mission of using the 3GS with it's still camera and great photo apps and nothing else to shoot, process, and post all my photos. That will be a radical departure from the normal 12 of 12 and possibly the biggest challenge I've undertaken with the project.

Who is planning to participate and what are you planing to try tomorrow? Remember that we're hoping for a big turn-out next month for the first "Geocaching 12 of 12" and this is your last official chance to practice.


JohnPortier said...


I'd be interested if you used the 3Gs and what photo app you might be using.

John P(AggieJWP)

Darryl said...

To take the photos I'll be using just the built-in "Camera" app. I'm likely to use "Photogene" for editing though, maybe "AutoStitch" to make a pano or two.