Friday, May 29, 2009

Rubber Stamp Logging

We're big fans of group caching. In fact, we tend not to cache on our own much any more. Being that we do so much caching as a group (and that the composition of that group changes from run-to-run) we started using a name for those runs with more than a couple team to make signing the logs easier. The "Motor City Cache Machine" is really nothing more than the title we sign to make our lives and the cache owners' lives easier than signing as many as a dozen names at a time. To make it even easier we had some tiny self-inking rubber stamps made with just the "MCCM" Logo in blue ink. This way when we're out all we need to do is stamp the log, hand date it, and jot some notes if we're so inclined. It preserves the personal touch and hearkens back to the letterboxing roots, but also saves the space (mostly in thickness) that the stickers would take on the log. The stamps are pretty cheap and easy to have made. In our cache we simply e-mailed the artwork for the stamp to the folks at and they took care of the rest. These were less than $15USD delivered in under than two weeks. You might even try some local stamp shops if your in larger communities. This is our fourth custom stamp though and we find them more fun than just signing the logs even if it is something else to carry in the cache bag.

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P.J. said...

It's always interesting to see what other cachers like doing when it comes to a logbook -- especially when it comes down to reading the book. I personally enjoy still signing everything by hand, but I cache with some people who use stamps, too. It's nice because it's all a personal preference.