Sunday, March 1, 2009


Erika Jean (through her Twitter post) turned me on to an application for Linux, MacOS X, and Windows to process and create HTML stats for Geocachers. GCStatistic processes your "My Finds" GPX file (you must be a Premium or Charter Member of to create that file, and you will need to extract it from the ZIP before processing) for a wealth of information in German or English (though the English could use some touch-up) which can then be added to your profile on or any other page which accepts HTML. The information is configurable and seems quite helpful. It is donationware meaning that the Developer asks that you send a donation if you use the program. While I'll continue to use It's Not About the Numbers for now, I'll certainly be keeping this on my drives to play with. It is being actively developed based on the release notes and perhaps a future release will be compelling enough to make me switch. Unfortunately the output doesn't seem to like Blogger (or Blogger doesn't like it) so I can't provide a sample here.

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Erika Jean said...

Thanks for the link love. yes the English could really use some touching up! ...I like how it is a bit more in-depth than Itsnotaboutthenumbers.... I mean it PREDICTS I will hit my 100th find on the 8th :-)