Monday, February 16, 2009

February's 12 of 12

I realized while e-mailing with a former Cache-A-Maniacs Guest (who also happens to be a Photographer) that I hadn't posted the February 12 of 12 set here. Sorry for that delay, but finally, here are the 12 images I took to capture my day with the "Time" theme.
12 of 12: Starting the Day12 of 12: Another Dead Seagate?!?!12 of 12: Turning Over
12 of 12: Officially in the Office12 of 12: E-mail Time Again?12 of 12: WSJ Morning Read
12 of 12: Dinner Time?12 of 12: Quitting Time?12 of 12: Almost Dinner Time
12 of 12: Edit Time12 of 12: Coffee Roasting Time12 of 12: Bed Time

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