Saturday, May 10, 2008

WWFM 3: Fanatic Fans! (GC19GKN)

The WWFM III event we attended today was the fourth Geocaching Flash Mob event we've had the pleasure to attend. This one (the shortest drive of any of the four) was held in a shopping center build around foot paths. Alas many of the business in the area haven't done all that well and most of those remaining are eateries and entertainment venues – not the type of businesses that draw much foot traffic. So acting as if we were Geomuggles before and after the event was more challenging than ever before. As such most gave up the charade and simply hung around the designated area. Based on the group photo (which excluded me as the "official photographer" and about six other photographers), I estimate the total attendance this time around to be about sixty-seven people (I'm not sure if there were any pets present). That's certainly one of the larger groups we're seen, and I think it worked better this time with a little less complicated schedule for the short fifteen minutes. I'm aways amazed by each of these Flash Mobs at how much fun just fifteen minutes can be. We'll look forward to the next round, but meanwhile you can check out my photos from the event on Flickr.


Angie said...

Bummer! We really wanted to attend this Flash Mob event however, Jacob had a baseball game (which we won with a score of gazillion to 2)and we had a mothers day celebration at the in-laws.

Lovely day for an event.

Hick@Heart said...

I went to the WWFM event in San Diego. We had a lot of fun on a beautiful day. It's a great way to meet some people, get the event done and get out caching!

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