Sunday, May 11, 2008


The subject of logging has been coming up a bit again lately. I tend not to spend too much time either on the logs in the cache or online. Occasionally I spend some time writing a log for, but the physical logs still get neglected. Now that I've placed a few physical caches with real logbooks (read as "not micros") I find that I don't even go back through the log books there. While I have stepped up my logs a bit online, I still do minimal logging in the physical logs. Our logs are typically nothing more than the date, time, the screen names of those in the party, and what (if anything) was picked up and dropped. I don't see changing that much as I don't feel that the efforts aren't really seen. The online logs are typically read more frequently, and enjoyed, so why not spend some time there? If you're looking for some good logs to read online, check out the logs of Nurse Nanna. They're truly something to aspire to, but I won't have anything close to that in my logs. We all need a style that reflects ourselves.

So, do any of you (as Finders or Hiders) read any of the logs in the logbook? Should I spend more time there?

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Hick@Heart said...

I tend to leave an on-line log entry that is as entertaining as the cache. A lamp post tin doesn't get the same attention as a custom painted ammo can hidden at the end of a great hike.

As far as the physical log book, I just do date and name. I might spend more time if I didn't have the ever present "muggle awareness" to pay attention to.

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