Sunday, May 4, 2008

Some of the Caching Party

We spent the afternoon at the 3rd annual Brighton Spring Fling. We've attended the even each of the last three years and loved each on. I don't think we'd ever had better weather for the event and the turn out was terrific. In each of our previous two visits we'd only managed to find a cache, possibly two. This time we spent most of the event on the hunt with groups near the twenty person mark. In these impromptu caching groups we found four caches, but the real value was the option to chat with folks we usually see only at these events. We did some off-trail hiking and got more sun than we expected. By the time we left the event it was clear we'd be heading home for dinner, showering and a nap. Drie's still next to me snoring away, I'm still hazy (and need more water and aloe), but it was another great afternoon.

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