Sunday, May 4, 2008

Geocaching 101

Today we hope to hit the 3rd annual Brighton Spring Fling -- and event at the Brighton State Recreation Area to introduce people to Geocaching. The park is hosting a larger event titled "GO-Get Outdoors Spring Fling" with several organizations setting up booths to promote their causes, and a scheduled talk or demonstration. Its a terrific opportunity for people to discover and learn to Geocache as many of the local Geocachers come to cache the park and take out a newbie or two and show them the ropes. If we're able to go, it will be our third straight year and we've had a great time with the new Cachers. I love these events that bring out the potential Cachers and build better relationships with the parks. There's several of these programs all over the county and likely the world. Does anyone know and participate in any?

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