Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Cache Placement Permits?

We did an interview this weekend with a Cacher who spoke about permits to place caches and the fact that its a deterrent for him. While I understand that it is a bit more work to place caches, and its not as much fun if you're filling out forms to place a cache, I've welcomed the clear policies and permits. My opinion is that the clear policies and permitting system gives the land managers the protection they need to allow us as Cachers to use their land with their clear permission. The permits typically will spell out what is expected of the cache owner giving us the clear understanding of what we are permitted to do and what we're expected to not do. Most importantly, should something happen (whether its a controlled burn or a bomb scare), the park officials know what that box is and whom they need to contact. Sure, it can be a pain to fill out the forms, archive the cache every year or so if they require that, but what we gain in protecting the park, our activity, and ourselves and fellow Cachers is worth that little bit of extra effort. But what is your opinion on the matter?

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