Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Meeting the Geocaching Podcasters

Firefly03 & Foxtail
Firefly03 & Foxtail recording CRT001 at the Midwest Geobash 2007
Gerbear & DarrylW4GerBear & DarrylW4 hanging out following a Team E.G.G. in Amherstburg, ON.
Geocaching events provide Drie and I the opportunity to not only meet with other Geocachers but other Geocaching Podcasters. Usually it takes a trip out of the state, sometimes even out of the country. We've had the pleasure of meeting with the hosts of the Geocaching Podcast (XpunkX), the Ontario Geocaching Podcast (GerBear), and Podcacher (Sonny & Sandy) in person. Most of the others we've only had the opportunity to meet through e-mails and the Cachers of the Round Table shows. We would love to have the chance to meet with more of these folks with whom we share common passions, but being that podcasting doesn't pay (actually costs money) and we have to earn our livings through day jobs, it doesn't happen often enough. We had initially hoped to catch-up with many of them at Geowoodstock VI but quickly learned following the opening of the registration that only Sonny & Sandy would be attending the event (they announced about two weeks before that they'd been forced to cancel their plans to attend anyhow). We'll keep hoping for the opportunity for a mega-CRT recording (would anyone like to sponsor that for next year's Midwest Geobash or Geowoodstock VII?), but till then we'll have to count on the rare travel to bring us together.

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