Thursday, May 22, 2008

Logging Wirelessly

Going Cordless?
Despite the convenience of the Field Notes (both in the Colorado and Geocache Navigator), the logging method I still prefer is the WAP interface. It allows me to instantly
interface is low bandwidth and designed for the light web browsers in phones, it works very quickly over the service in our phones. But entering text through the keypad in any mode is time consuming. So usually I simply drop a post with the time (yes, I like to have the time I find a cache in my logs) and edit the log when I get back to a computer with pick-up and drop travelers (something not supported in field notes at all), check on the mission of traveler we find in caches, and post found logs immediately allowing my counts to be updated in real-time. Occasionally if i need a reminder of something about the cache I'll enter in more text through the phone, but usually its just a matter of getting the cache logged for future edits. It has the limitation of needing to have data service available, but I love this method. I'll likely continue logging with this method will we end up with that better all-in-one Geocaching device with real-time logging to

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