Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Thinking Back

This was an early log passed on from the cache owner. The cache was Friendship Altar on Mackinaw Island. We headed up there for a four day weekend and I'd only done four caches in the weeks before, this was Firefly03's first set of caches. We had found something in the neighborhood of six caches that day which had us totally impressed. Its funny looking back at this log though that I had been logging the time of day when I started (I stopped somewhere along the way and picked it up again since then, but only sometimes). I had also been writing more in the logs both physical and online. Is it that I took more time to savor the find? Maybe its hold over from the attempts at power caching? Perhaps its a matter of being desensitized having found more than 1,400 caches. I think its a little bit of all these things and then some. Mostly though I think its a matter of being able to find more caches in the same time now than we we had started, but I don't have as much time to write up the logs as I had. When I have the time and the drive though, I can get pretty nuts (just look at the logs from my FTFs on Monday and Tuesday -- INATN reports that second log at 561 words). Its one of those things that I really hope to do better at for both the hider and my fellow cachers.

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