Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Let's try this again

I have attempted the blogging thing many times before without too much success. Let's face it -- there's not much time in my life that isn't taken up with work, the two (and a half) podcasts, and life in general. Where I find the time for Geocaching I don't always know. But, there's been many little random bits about Geocaching I've wanted to place somewhere and I've had the bug to create some more content recently, so here's that location. Its not much and certainly won't be frequent, but it will contain random bits of information tied to our Geocaching.

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Bob said...

I played around a lot with content-specific blogs several years ago. What I found was that keeping multiple blogs (geocaching, baseball, politics, personal, education, etc.) was a chore. I took some time to ponder it, but I eventually melded them all into one blog. While it may be a little rough jumping from topic to topic, it represents me, and ultimately, that is what the blog is all about.

Diversify and you will not lack for content.

Best of luck.