Friday, May 2, 2014

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For this week's episode of the GeoGearHeads I spent some time on Project-GC and got a little hooked. I'd played with the service over a year back to find things like the hiders with the most favorite points on their caches but hadn't really checked back in over the last year. What really got me back into the site was the "Forgotten FTFs?" tool while I was looking for the reason I only had two FTFs in my list (there's a few specific tags you need in the log for that cache to be counted). I knew I'd had at least a hundred but that seems like another Geocaching life ago when I had been an active FTF-hunter so I didn't know how many I'd had. Using that tool I was able to find and edit the logs on about 180 caches I'd FTFed (one was on a locked cache for the log couldn't be edited). The stats are the most used feature of the site and there is a handy image you can drop into the profile if you'd like (see below) with a ton of information. There's even more tweaking you can do if you're a paid member of the site along with many other tools (which I'll be spending more time with over the next few weeks). A nice feature of the paid membership is there's a referral program – the new subscriber get two free months and the referring member get one. So if you're going to do the upgrade get that link from your friend(s) using the site to get a little extra. If you don't know anyone, use mine. Of course you can check out GGH 122: for that conversation with the site's creator and to earn more about the cool tool.

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