Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Sigher (Beta) version 0.077 for Android

Sighter (Beta) v 0.077 for AndroidThose who follow either of my shows know that I've been following a new location game called "Sighter." Today we saw a new version of the Sighter (Beta) app for Android – version 0.077.Couch Mode The highlight in this version is the addition of the "Couch Mode." This mode allows you to play a guessing game anywhere in the world (with a data connection of course). You're shown an image and asked to pick in which of four countries (in "Basic" mode) or cities (in "Advanced" or "Hardcore" modes) that photo was taken. It's a fun twist to the game. It's a free app available in the Play Store now.

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Dave said...

I've had the option to switch to Imperial Units in my profile, but it has never saved that preference once I've exited the app. Hopefully, this update will fix that.