Friday, November 15, 2013

Geosphere version 3.1 for iOS

Geosphere 3.1 for iOSThe anticipated update to Geocaching with Geosphere was released this evening. Though release notes haven't been posted yet, highlights are listed in the app store;
  • New map features:
    • Support Google maps (Standard, Satellite, Hybrid, Terrain).
    • Map overlays for heading, locating target & minimum cache separation (0.1 mi).
    • Pin overlay (blue 'X' ) displayed if you've logged a DNF.
  • Importing:
    • Separate settings for preloading cache, trackable & log images.
    • Ability to scale down large downloaded images.
    • Improved handling of corrected coordinates.
    • Improved handling of additional waypoints.
    • Expanded Favorites range.
    • Added "I Attached Local Image" offline filter.
  • Misc:
    • Reduced compass calibration prompts.
    • Ability to manage memory usage.
    • Various minor improvements and bug fixes.
Geosphere is $7.99US for new users or a free upgrade in the iOS App Store.
Update: The release notes are now available.

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