Saturday, August 24, 2013

Twenty-Fourth Caching Day of August

August Twenty-fourth SouvenirI broke my rule for streaking today by hitting multiple caches not far from home. I'm still worried about being able to grab a find every day even though "Groundspeak's 31 Days of Geocaching" is nearly over since I'm hoping to extend that streak to a hundred days or more. These were all caches that required a little more work or might not be accessible at any given moment so I went for them. Several were within a very large cemetery (which I had to make multiple visits today to avoid people in some of those areas) then others multi-caches just outside. With those caches found I've now collected all the information for the "What are you Afraid of? - PUZZLEPHOBIA FINAL" (GC4FVMM) final. That I will be saving for a later date. I'm curious as to how many others are still looking to extend their caching streak beyond the 31 days of August with just about a week left.

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